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Author Topic: New Smith and Wesson  (Read 527 times)

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June 09, 2018, 07:47:23 PM
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I have benn looking for a compact 45 and my wife was looking for a carry gun as her full size 1911 and the XDM is just to big for her to carry around. We went to the gun range for a date night and rented a bunch of pistols that we have never fired before. Neither one of us has tried the Smith and Wesson  shield series before.
she really likes the  shield 2.0 9mm, I tried the shield 45 and liked it I have been debating about getting the XDS 3.3inch or the XD mode 2 45 3.3 inch, I really wanted something thinner than the Mod 2 as the XDM is 1.18 thick and the Mode 2 sub compact is 1.20 thick. I carry a lot inside the waist band and a little width goes a long way towards comfort.
I ended up buying the S&W shield not because it is better than the XDS as the to guns are very comparable, I just liked the Shields grip a little better.
My wife bought the shield 2.0 9mm,
here is the 45 it comes with one 6 round mag and a 7 round mag it is .99 at the widest part of the fram

with the flush 6 round mag I can get almost all 3 fingers on the grip, just getting two fingers on dose not bother me as my XDM compact and my Ruger LC9S and LCP I can get only two finger grip and am used to it,.

The 9 and 45 with flush mags

The 9 with flush mag you can only get two finger hold on the grip

Both with the extended round mag

Test firing the 45 today I put 300 rounds of 230 grain round nose and 50 rounds Fed 230 grain Hydroshock hallow point and 50 rounds of Hornady 200 grain XTP  hallow point and had no feed or function problems, I will say there is a small part of the web of my hand between the thumb and pointer finger that is a little tender from the firing session but as a every day gun you will not have a issue.
My wife ran the same amount through the 9 and had no functioning issues.         
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June 10, 2018, 02:22:57 PM
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Nice write up and pictures!  Appreciate the eval also.  I like you choices 1911 and the 9mm are both my favorites.  Thanks for sharing.
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June 15, 2018, 10:41:30 AM
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Very nice choices!
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July 09, 2018, 02:27:11 PM
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Just wanted to say that I like the your idea of going to the gun range for date night with the wife @bc45

Good idea!
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July 12, 2018, 06:31:20 AM
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I have a Shield similar - it is the older version. I have not fired it yet, I won it in a gun raffle at a Friends of NRA event.

Seems like a nice piece, and my M&P 9 is a great piece, so I expect to like the shield .

I have an XD/S 4.0 that I have only fired a few hundred rounds though, as I didn't care for the thinner grip when shooting. Thinner is better for concealment, but for me, not so much for shooting with 9mm.

Congratulations on the new pieces, and on having a wife that enjoys cool hobbies!





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