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Author Topic: Vets & Motorcycles  (Read 36280 times)

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April 28, 2016, 05:58:13 PM
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All who served honorably are due respect.  There is nothing easy about being in the military. 

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October 24, 2016, 08:22:34 AM
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Every trip I ever took always had a defining moment, something that would stick in my head and remind me of that trip one year, five years, decades later.
Sturgis 2011, I made all the sites. Sturgis with 400,000 bikers, Main Street, Deadwood Saloons, Spearfish, Hill City, Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, Custer and the Bad Lands. Hung around for 4 days, then started my ride back home. I felt I had seen it all.
I-90 headed West, hold'n my scooter at 80 mph, feet up on the pegs and just enjoy'n the ride. I would glance into my rear view mirror ever so often, just to get another take on the scenery.
At a point, I noticed a single headlight, far off in the distance. I focused my attention forward and let my mind wonder. It was a beautiful day, Big Blue Sky, roll'n hills, warm. Glanced again into the mirror and the light was closer, I looked down at my speedometer, hold'n 80, that light is movin' !
Still a good distance back, but it's gainin'. More miles pass and now I can make out the bike, it's in my lane shadowing me, hold'n steady and not gaining any longer. Now I'm more focused, the bike appears to be one of those crotch rockets by the way the rider was lay'n low on the tank.
This went on for a while, he was holding back just far enough to where I couldn't make out much detail. Finally he switched lanes and started his move. In a flash the bike and rider was even with me, off to my left. I looked over to see what the issue was, the rider was wear'n a full face helmet. He looked over at me and then suddenly sat straight up. He was dressed in full camo utilities, bloused military boots, clearly had to be a young soldier stationed somewhere around there. He shifted his weight and was nearly sit'n side saddle now, at least as much as he could straddling a motorcycle. All this while do'n 80, then he did something that was totally unexpected. Doin' that speed, sit'n straight up, facing me , he raised his right arm and whipped off the "snappiest" salute I can remember, one I hadn't seen since 1966, MCRD San Diego. He shifted his weight again, this time facing forward, leaned down over his tank, twisted the throttle, and in an instant he was nothing more than a dot on the horizon.
My trip change at that point, my heart lightened, and I do believe I was smilin' for the next hun'ert miles ( if not on the outside, for sure on the inside ). I told myself that maybe I will run into him somewhere down the road, get'n gas or something to eat, may be able to shake his hand. I never seen him again, but for a few seconds on a Interstate, do'n 80 mph, that single gesture of Respect was burned into my memory....I appreciated it then and I remember it now, and for that I am grateful !
As I read through some of the replies to this thread, would like to make a couple comments.
1. To all who served or serve now, those who endured Iraq, Afghanistan. Multiple tours of duty, much RESPECT !!
2. To all who wore the uniform, whether you left the states or not. You wrote the check , and thats what matters ....RESPECT !!
I Told MY Pap And My Mam That These Here Mountains Are The Marrow Of The World, And By God I Was Right....
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October 24, 2016, 08:50:14 AM
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J F Go

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And a much deserved salute to you as well, sir. Thank you for sharing what is obviously a private moment that just need sharing.To you sir. Thank you (all) for your service.

October 24, 2016, 09:09:50 AM
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Hey Dutch! Good to see ya logged into the forum again. It has been awhile. Thanks for sharing your memory in that post and thanks for your service.

Semper Fi

October 25, 2016, 02:50:56 AM
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A lil late to the party, but hey.
USAF '81-'85, did basic at Lackland, my schooling was at Lowry and then permanent duty station was Davis-Monthan. Weapons control systems on the A-10. The heads up display, TV monitor and everything that connected it all. Enjoyed the hell outta my time in for the most part.

As far as riding, well, it started long before I could ride myself. Dad used to take me with him when I was around 3, and I loved it! My first scoot ish, a sears and Roebuck mini bike when I was 5, then a Honda mini trail 70. Rode that for years, well it seemed like years, I was a kid, then I got a Honda cb 100. That's what I got my license with when I was 14. Long story short, been hooked from before I could ride myself.

To all you vets, past and present, you all have my utmost respect and I honor you all. Thank you....

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September 03, 2017, 12:32:54 PM
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YA know having a family in the military and my Gramps a Lieutenant Coronal and me working civil service before and right out of high school i have a nostalgic love for the military "feel" of things. This no nonsense get er done attitude and even a little cluster F%#king along the way but perseverance.
I'm not sure i can even describe it properly, like olive drab makes me weepy..HA!
I remember shoving airplane fuel in one of our hot rods and dragging it down the taxiway.. (this was in the 70's so yeah never get away with that shit now)

AND BIKES! have kinda a feel of a fighter jet (to me) in a sens, just for the road with tires!...maneuverability lean and fast! i always loved the feel of taking turns and one with the bike feel of that too. ( i took way too many chances)

One thing i think is ODD though with the veteran thing these days to me  and i know ill get so much shit for this is the fact i always looked at the Bikers as the mavericks, not outlaws per say (and i know lots of movie bull shit is not really representative) but what bothers me is that just because people ended up in the military and can have all these positive experiences around it and fondness for it why especially bikers as the so called "rebels" to the system and the "man" or at least free thinkers in a lot of sense is it an all or nothing protection of a military that these days is KINDA on the WRONG side of history and up to a lot of really nefarious shit around the globe?
"Rebels" that seem to excuse the system in every thing it does right or wrong. (police abuses even to bikers) like freedom loving while loving the boots of authority. Like its a contradiction they live with so they can have this identity politics around the ideology of USA might makes right and sacrosanct exceptionalism that blinds people to the very ills of our Americana experience. ( i happen to love too)

I heard a lot of people on here in some other threads on Trump saying they hate Trump and despise Shillary even more and her despicable neoleftist ilk (i can agree with) but defend the actions of the USA when it comes to military torture and bombing the entire globe to get at the resources for a bunch of banker scumbags. And blame the innocent victims for being in the way. or demonizing the innocent to make the mythology fit. or wrongfully labeling anyone "TERRORIST" that wont BOW to the Might of american EMPIRE! its like agree or die motos...(who does that remind you of) HIEL !

I really scratch my head on this one all the time.. Like when did Bikers the free thinkers end up becoming so blind to it all and ignore the political dynamics that makes them support a system that would throw them under a buss in a hart beat and most often DO just that.
I have sat in bars a million times and heard the most awful bull shit come out of the mouths from guys with a bunch of tattoos that would have stomped me into the ground for even the suggestion they don't have a F%#king clue whats really going on. Again this blind anger at the challenge of the mythology makes them stay well stuck there, and kind makes me loose a lot of respect for them. 

My uncle lost a leg in Vietnam and told me stories that curled my hair as a kid, and he was none too pleased at our government and leaders or the brass back then. Also a biker. and one cool cat!
Tell me that any of you don't have some bitching to do about the VA or how the suicide rate does not make you pause and think.
You can only stuff a lie down into your soul so far for so long its always gonna rear its head on you.

I know the knee jerk response here is usually anger when i bring this stuff up and think 'hes anti-american", but that's the opposite of what im trying to say. Im trying to make people see the GROSS contradictions and Hipocrocy that to me is GLARINGLY obvious, and how our leaders have manipulated Americans to serve their interests and not the peoples..Trump threw the rust belt under a buss day two just like Shillary would have.
And the news lies to us about who our enemy's are so the politics can keep making WAR for profit. Don't let blind patriotism blind you to the truth of that just because the idea we are not perfect might spoil your pride in your service! Either be solid in truth and integrity or you become just as repugnant as the  phony leftists these days. 

All I  am saying if you are going to adhere to all the sacrosanct images about america you better make sure the actions match the words or again we are dealing with Posers and not what i consider real free thinking righteous rebellious natures in the biker brotherhood that i admire so much. Blinders are not what i think of people like that wearing on their heads. hard living hard drinking hard ridding people but pussys to the truth? *cringe*

If you cant question Authority and only boot lick to them what kind of rebel are you really? just the weekend verity?Expensive bike off the showroom floor paid for by a corporate job? worn as a fashion statement?LAME!
I live it and breath it and wont be fooled by a bunch of slick Washington suits or corporate shills or military suck ups . Freedom for all is not just a F%#king slogan to me. and no matter where you are born does not make you an automatic enemy,, everyone can trace their ancestry down to the same places, Loving America is not loving Authority, that's the rub! Its just boot licking.

We are human first, get that one straight!

OH and NO there are not hoards of Muslim sleeper cells under the bed trying to steal the lint either, that's just the hissing in peoples ears of the scum in Washington to justify their despicable agendas.


Hate me all you like but don't hate the truth.

March 09, 2018, 11:28:18 AM
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USMC 73-79 6113 (CH53 Helo Crew Chief) Once a Marine....

After 9/11 I reenlisted in the Army National Guard, only people that would take me at 48. Activated for OIF II and III. Came back bad and am now disabled but still riding. I will be until I realize I am dead...probable two days after I die!
I'm outta here...
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March 14, 2018, 06:26:58 PM
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U.S.ARMY 66 - 68 played Southeast Asia Conference 66 - 67 Bought 48 panhead in 69. riding a 2013 wideglide now, love the chopper style.
Welcome Home to the men that served in RVN

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April 14, 2018, 07:28:58 PM
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New member,
U.S army National Guard for Washington state 2015-Present 11B Infantry/12B combat engineer
Some interesting stories, and grateful for all of those who have served thank you!
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April 15, 2018, 12:08:14 PM
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Bought my first bike,honda cl350,when i was in the corps.this would have been in 1982 or so.bought a sportster after i got out,sold it to my dad so i could buy my panhead.that was in 1984 ish,have had the pan since then.

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January 12, 2019, 04:16:03 PM
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Joined the USMC in May of 1969 for two years.  Got out and worked in a machine shop for five years and then reenlisted in the Marines for another 18 years.  Was an admin clerk for three years, then made a lateral move to aircraft mechanic.  Retired as a Gunnery Sergeant.  I wouldn't trade the experiences I had for anything.  Been riding off and on since I was 14 years old.  Have owned 15 motorcycles and the best is what I have now, a 2012 Road Glide Ultra.
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January 13, 2019, 10:46:33 AM
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Thank you for your service @jonda1

Our fearless forum leader @HDBitchin is a Marine! But you might have already been aware of that.
Two Lane Highway

January 13, 2019, 11:28:42 AM
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Thank you for your service @jonda1

Our fearless forum leader @HDBitchin is a Marine! But you might have already been aware of that.
Yes sir, I am a Jarhead and @jonda1 knows.  ;)

January 13, 2019, 10:59:11 PM
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Thanks guys.
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May 22, 2019, 08:25:30 AM
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Harley Mike

a great heartfelt thank you to all who served
Life is short, enjoy it but don't self destruct.


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