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chapter two 55 panhead chopper buildchapter 2 55 panhead chopper build
chapter 2 55 panhead chopper build
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Description: After you are SURE you have every bracket , mount or whatever welded and ever hole drilled you can start molding the frame. Molding is done by using fillet welds and metal and finishing with a Polyester Putty, I use Evercoat. In large areas of 1/8 inch or deep fill in with welds and metal. Be careful not to distort your frame with too much heat from welding, do small areas and medium welds, it's not structural. Polyester Putty or better know as body bondo should be applied in layers, not try to sculpture your frame neck with just one application. I call it sculpturing because that is what it is. There's no right or wrong shape. I prefer everything to just flow from one structure to another such as the neck to the down tubes( first picture). This is art and take your time to get to where you like it, sand some filler off, add some filler on it's a process. I also like to mold my frames to match my custom seats. Once your have made your seat pan or already have a seat your going to use put it in place and make a frame around the seat using round steel stock (see second picture ). If your are using just the seat pan be sure to allow space for the material the seat will be covered with. Once that is done fill with your magic body filler ( third picture )
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