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Best Wishes / Re: Happy Birthday scottv
« Last post by maniacmac on Today at 07:11:18 AM »
Happy Birthday scottv
Hello everyone! Coffee is brewed and ready to serve. Have a great day!
Touring Models Forum / Re: Code P0562 (ECM voltage low)
« Last post by 01rk on Today at 05:38:12 AM »
Jim If you have the ability here are some things I do when I get electrical codes.
Pull the fuses one at a time and clean the blades and sockets with wd40 or contact cleaner
Pull the plug on the ECM and clean like above
Clean the battery terminals and cables and rough up with some sand paper to assure good contact
Clean the starter terminal like above
Make sure all terminals are tight but don't over tighten
For the second year in a row Indian dominated the American Flat Track series.
Looks like Harley has a ways to go with the flat trackers and their race team.
New Member Introduction / Re: Ciao from Italy
« Last post by 01rk on Today at 05:03:45 AM »
Welcome to the forum from Southeast Pennsylvania.
My Grandparents came from Teramo, hope to visit there someday.
Best Wishes / Re: Happy Birthday scottv
« Last post by j f go on Today at 04:22:24 AM »
Happy Birthday and may you have many more. 8)
General Discussion (for Off Topic HDBitchin) / Re: Song Title Game
« Last post by j f go on Today at 04:20:49 AM »
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight - James Taylor

             Only The Lonely       Roy Orbison
General Discussion (for Off Topic HDBitchin) / Re: Another Mental Midget
« Last post by j f go on Today at 04:17:33 AM »
Thought I would resurrect this thread with this video. Somehow the motorcycle training seemed to be lost here.

WOW! Now that looked painful. Another reason to take M/C drivers ed. It isn't as easy as some make it look. &{
General Discussion (for Off Topic HDBitchin) / Re: HDBitchin coffee house
« Last post by j f go on Today at 04:14:31 AM »
wasn't this cold when I left werk last night.......another reason to werk 1st shift.

 Good mornin folks, coffee smells really good today. I think someone has left the freezer door open over here in the Northeast the last couple of days. ^*? &{

Still skeptical...
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