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Author Topic: New Page On HDBitchin Website - Harley Davidson Live Twitter Feed  (Read 118 times)

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December 06, 2017, 09:36:19 PM
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A couple of weeks ago I added a new web page that has a link on the Home page of the forum. The page is called Harley Davidson Live Twitter Feed.

You don't need a Twitter account to watch what H-D is tweeting, you just need to visit this page. With H-D being a master at marketing you will find that they share some good content including some cool pictures, videos and breaking news on their products.

Here is a link to the page but as said it is listed in the Links on the HDBitchin Home page for your convenience.

Harley Davidson Live Twitter Feed Click Here
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December 07, 2017, 11:20:42 AM
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Nice addition. With Cyril Huze on the main page and H-D’s Twitter feed on this dedicated page you have us covered well for V-Twin and Harley Davidson news. Thanks!
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Yesterday at 12:34:30 PM
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Great addition Tank! When do you ever rest? 


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